One Leg Girl Turns A Celebrity From Hawking Sachet Water

The miraculous story of the young and hustling Nigerian lady, Mary Daniels is one that is worth sharing. Her news has recently been on the internet of how she was picked from the market streets of Oshodi where she sold bottled and sachet water.

She was first identified by a young Nigerian entrepreneur who shared her pictures and her hustles for the first time in his Twitter page, from there, the photos were shared by Instablognaija page from where it went viral.

Reacting to such sight where a woman is actively and proactively struggling to make ends meet despite her physical condition, many Nigerians came out and selflessly gathered money to take her off the street.

In case you didn’t follow the story, Mary’s predicament started in 2006 when she was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of every passenger onboard including her parents. She was the only survivor but was left with an amputated leg.

She dropped out of school (JSS3) and lived her life at the mercy of her relatives until she finally came of age.

After she went viral, she had a GoFundMe account opened for her by the young man who brought her case up, she received many monetary and charity offers from kind-spirited Nigerians and thus, her life was changed for good almost overnight.

Today being April 22, Mary is celebrating her birthday but in a grand style. She had a glamorous makeover, had her clutch decorated too and was looking totally different from the one who sold pure water in the street just few days ago.

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