Nnamdi Kanu: UK Parliament to Debate IPOB Leader’s Rearrest, Repatriation to Nigeria

Wednesday, July 07, 2021 at 1:44 AM by  Jerrywright Ukwu The United Kingdom parliament is scheduled to debate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s rearrest, repatriation to Nigeria The debate is already on the next schedule of the British parliament courtesy of Lord Alton of Liverpool Though a separatist campaigner in Nigeria, Abia-born Kanu is a bonafide citizen of the United Kingdom

A report indicates that the United Kingdom Parliament is set to commence a debate on the repatriation of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Although the Nigerian government has been silent on how Kanu was apprehended, IPOB has insisted that their leader was arrested in Kenya by the East African country’s special forces.

Nnamdi Kanu was recently rearrested and repatriated to Nigeria. Quoting a parliamentary schedule posted on its website, the report noted that the parliament will set aside a debate on Wednesday, July 7, to discuss the British government’s assessment of Kenya’s role in Kanu’s arrest. According to the document, Lord Alton of Liverpool will be raising the issue at the House of Lords and will query the government on the separatist leader’s transfer to Nigeria. Previous petition on Kanu rebuffed Meanwhile, a petition submitted on the website over the previous arrest of Kanu was rejected. In rejecting the petition, the parliament noted: “It’s not clear what the petition is asking the UK government or parliament to do. “The British High Commission in Nigeria has already been involved, so we’re not sure what further action you would like the UK Government to take.”

An earlier report that the British government has refused to accept or deny allegations that it assisted the Kanu with another passport after he jumped bail and fled Nigeria in 2017.

British govt evades enquiry on fresh passport issued to IPOB leader A national newspaper had requested clarifications on how the IPOB leader obtained a fresh British passport to leave the country. In reaction, Dean Hurlock of the British High Commission said: “Our policy on issuing passports to those who are entitled to them is clear and publicly available; we are not going to discuss any individual case.” In a related development, elder statesman and Second Republic aviation minister, Mbazulike Amechi, has advised the federal government to give Kanu a fair hearing. Amechi said Kanu should be assumed innocent until he is found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. He also said the federal authorities should be cautious about the way they will handle Kanu, and the way they will handle his case.

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