Korra Obidi Breaks Down In Tears As She Reveals How She Has Been Trying To Stay Strong For Her Kids.

Korra Obidi, the popular Nigerian dancer, has revealed that she is faking being strong on social media because that is how she is able to feed her kids and cope with the troubles in her marriage.
She also explained why she couldn’t tell her side of the story in the ongoing divorce saga with her American husband, Justin Dean.
According to her, she was trying to stay strong for her kids but once she’s stronger, she’d tell her part of the story.
The US-based dancer went on Facebook live on Saturday to state that she was being judged because of her husband’s one-sided story concerning their divorce.
Dean had announced that he was going to divorce his wife last month, a few days after they welcomed their second daughter together.
Speaking on the divorce, Korra said, “When I can talk about my story. I will talk about it. When I’m able to tell my story, I’ll share everything with you guys.
“Until then, please be patient with me. And please know that I have two girls that I have to take care of. If I’m not there, nobody will.”

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