He Did Not Make Me, I Made Myself – James Brown slams back at Bobrisky.

The famous Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has fired back at Bobrisky over his statement that he made him who he is today and gave him a platform to show off to the world. Bobrisky had shared earlier today that he made the Princess of Africa when nobody wanted anything to do with him and called him names as he posted James on his page.
James in an Instagram live session spoke with Daddy Freeze on the claims made by Bobrisky indicating that he made himself after he went to jail in 2018 and suffered for a month. He added that his dad spent a million naira trying to bail him from jail. The Princess of Africa went further to share how the self acclaimed sugar mummy of Lagos used him when he showed him off years ago as he was the trending thing on social media and he wanted to take advantage of his fame.
He shared that he holds Bobrisky in high exsteem but he’s disappointed with how he parades himself. He noted that Bob is a queen and should act like one rather than constantly getting into fights just to make a point.

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