Dr Chinelo Killed By Terrorists Inside Train While Processing Traveling Documents To Canada.

According to an Online report this morning, it was gathered that a medical doctor in Kaduna has narrated his own side of the story, after terrorists attacked the Kaduna-Abuja train on Monday night and caused casualties.
According what he said, he made it known that they are presently treating two survivors at the hospital where he works and that, two of the four victims that were brought there have died including a female doctor, Doctor Chinelo Nwando who was once a staff of the hospital.
While he was talking further, he said that late Chinelo Nwando did her NYSC with the hospital and due to the fact that she behaved herself well and was also good on the job, the hospital management decided to employ her to work for them.
However after some months, the late doctor resigned because, her parents told her to come to Canada to join them and while she was processing travelling documents, she was roaming between Abuja and Kaduna State.
He revealed it that it was when she was coming back from Abuja to Kaduna State, the bandits attacked her train, as she was shot and killed in the ugly incident.
“She was very young and hard-working,” says the doctor.

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