25 Things To Say To The Woman You Love

When you love a woman, you ought to show it, and one of those ways you can do that is by appreciating her, and some of the things you say to her can make her feel appreciated.

Being a romantic man starts with the things you do and goes down to the things you say.

1. Hearing your voice during a bad day can be the best thing ever.

2. Every moment spent with you forms beautiful memories in my heart that I’d forever cherish.

3. I fall in love with you over and over with each passing day.

4. What I’ve got for has no expiry date.

5. I will try to be the best man I can be for you every day.

6. You’re not only beautiful, but you are amazing.

7. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

8. I feel special to have you by my side.

9. You added something vital to my life that can never be replaced.

10. You would forever be in my heart.

11. You aren’t only beautiful on the outside, you are also beautiful and adorable on the inside.

12. I love the way you smile.

13. I’m thankful everyday for having a queen in my life.

14. Time spent with you can never be wasted time.

15. You bring out the best in me.

16. You give meaning to my life.

17. I love being with you.

18. If I had to choose again, I’d still choose you.

19. Just thinking about you puts a smile on my face.

20. You complete me.

21. You’re the best person to be the mother of my children.

22. I even miss the times I don’t spend with you.

23. You make me happy.

24. You’re an amazing woman.

25. You’re the one thing in my life I’m most grateful for.

You ought to say cute things to the woman you love, and these cute things would definitely make her feel adored.

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